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Pure Bliss Baking

Fresh Bread

Shana & Al Lemke

Why I Unexpectedly Became a Sourdough Baker

It nourishes me. It nurtures me.  It grounds me.  I love every part of it.  It's not about the end result, it's about every part of the process. I love having my hands in the dough. I love seeing the bubbles as the dough ferments.  I love the aroma of my kitchen. I love seeing the beautiful boule presented from my oven. I love the sound of the crust and the taste of the freshly baked loaf.  I love not being in the corporate world or being told how to work or how to run my day.  It calms me and I like to eat it too.  I don't rush it, I flow with it.  It's been part of a growth process for me.  It's not about being someone whom I am not, it is about being who I truly am.  It is about just be-ing.  The corporate world, and the world as a whole broke me.  I was empty.  I never want to go back to what was.  I bake to nourish myself, and as a bonus other people want what I bake too.  I love my customers.  They are all so grateful to have to be able to enjoy bread again.
  It brings me great joy to serve you all. 


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Local, Organic, Clean Food

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Great Taste & A Happy Gut

Our bread is fermented 24-36 hours to ensure digestibility.

"Gluten-free" has been defined by the FDA as foods with less than 20 ppm gluten as suitable for labeling as gluten-free. Some celiac researchers and epidemiological evidence suggests that most individuals with celiac disease can tolerate variable trace amounts and concentrations of gluten in foods without adverse health affects. A study conducted by microbiologist Marco Gobbetti at the University of Bari in Italy found that residual concentration of gluten in 48 hour fermented sourdough was 12 ppm gluten, with the globulins and gliadins completely broken down.

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