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Anyone can bake a tasty loaf of sourdough!

Starter Q & A

This is a basic class that every aspiring sourdough baker should have.  We will take you through making your own Starter, show you how to grow your new Starter and how to care for it once it is established.  You will learn about feeding ratios and making a levain.  You will learn the difference between a hungry Starter and one that has gone bad.  Being a sourdough baker is more than knowing the perfect recipe, it is about the relationship you have with your Starter and dough.  You will learn about variables that can affect things like the speed at which your Starter grows.  We will go over some basic Sourdough terminology and the tools of the trade. This class is offered in our bakery.

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to make a Starter from scratch

  • How to grow your new Starter

  • How to care for your established Starter

  • Feeding Ratios

  • How to make a levain & why you want to

  • How to use your sense to build a lasting relationship with your Starter

  • Sourdough terminology

Class is $50 per person.

Sourdough Basics


This is a basic class for every sourdough baker.  This is a hands-on experience where you will make a sourdough batard from start to (almost) finish.  You will weigh and combine your ingredients, start the bulk fermentation process, shape and score your dough.  Although you will leave with a baked batard, you will also have un-fermented dough to take home, continue the ferment and bake the following day.  A Starter Kit is required for this class and can be purchased from us if you don’t already have what you need. This class is offered in our bakery.  

In this class you will learn:

  • How to make a batard from start to finish

  • Ingredients needed for a basic batard

  • Tools of the trade needed for basic batard

  • How to feed your Starter on bake day

  • How to weigh out ingredients

  • About bulk fermentation

  • About long fermentation

  • How to shape your dough

  • How to score your dough

  • How to bake your batard

  • Basic sourdough terminology

Class is $75 per person.

Sourdough Starter Kit

Includes a Banneton basket, basket liner, lame, bench knife, dough scraper, tote bag and post-it dough worksheet stack. 

$40 per kit + tax.

Personalized Classes

One on one personalized classes are available. Fill out the form below to inquiry about a personalized class.

Please take a moment to tell me a little bit more about your experience or knowledge with baking sourdough and what you are interested in learning more about, the more details the better!

Thanks for submitting!

Classes & Starter Kit

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